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Knutsford May Queen and Maids of Honour changes next year

By on December 23, 2018

The committee responsible for organising the Knutsford Royal May Day are making some changes to the way they select those who take part in May Day celebrations.

The move followed feedback from some members of the public who felt that the existing process was outdated.

Applications for the role of May Queen will be different as applicants will complete an application form online that they then post to Karen Steer, 131 Warren Avenue, Knutsford rather than writing a letter to confirm their eligibility.

All candidates must live within the boundaries of Knutsford Town Council, be aged 11,12 or 13 by February 1, 2019, have been a candidate for Maid of Honour and have taken part in the May Day twice as a character or dancer, since being a candidate for Maid of Honour.

The application form can be downloaded from

The selection evening has also been changed, with candidates given a name card instead of a number and will stand in a line rather than walking the room. Female members of the committee will be the only ones who vote. Candidates will also be given a question to answer on the application form.

Maids of Honour will also be given a name card, will line up and subject to a vote that only female committee members take part in.

A Golden Ticket has also been introduced, allowing early entry into the character selection.

The May Queen and Maid of Honour selection will take place on 29th January 2019 at 7pm in Knutsford Academy Lower School.

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