Boards have been installed on the Moor in Knutsford by Friends of the Moor to help identify birds, plants and trees.

Three boards have been installed, one which features water birds, one general birds and one that shows plants and trees on the Moor. One is installed near the Moor Pool whilst the others are on the southern paths.

Friends of the Moor chairman, Adam Keppel-Green said: “We hope that visitors to the Moor will enjoy searching out the birds and flowers that you can now more easily identify – hunting them out is just one more activity that can be enjoyed on our fantastic park.”

Friends of the Moor is holding its annual RSPB Birdwatch on Saturday 26th January 2018. They are aslo seeking new volunteers to join them as a voice for the Moor and Barncroft – you can find out more emailing