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Funding for project which highlights dangers of drugs and substance abuse

By on July 12, 2019

Cheshire’s police and crime commissioner is highlighting the dangers of drugs and substance abuse by awarding a grant to a project which tackles the issues.

Evolve works with young people in schools and community centres providing information on the dangers of drugs and illegal psychoactive substances with the aim of helping them make an informed choice about the consumption of drugs.

The project has already been successful in Merseyside and the £5,000 grant from David Keane’s Safer Communities Fund will allow the project to be delivered in Cheshire for the first time.

The Wirral-based charity aims to reach more than 2,000 young people across the county through the sessions and will particularly target communities blighted by drug abuse.

PCC David Keane said: “Drugs and other volatile substances not only lead to death and life-changing illnesses, they are also often the root-cause of crime and anti-social behaviour which creates enormous problems for our communities.

“It’s important that young people have a clear understanding from a young age of the dangers of these substances and in particular psychoactive substances, like ‘spice’ and ‘black mamba’ that young people still believe are safe.

“I’m pleased that my Safer Communities Fund can support such an important project and I’m looking forward to seeing the positive impact Evolve’s work will have on raising awareness of the dangers of drug abuse.”

Alison Hodgson from Evolve, said: “The funding will enable Evolve to deliver information sessions on the hazards of substance and drug abuse to young people in Cheshire.

“We have been able to change lives with the education and information provided at sessions and as a result, have supported young people in making the right choices.

“When young people make a choice not to use these substances it not only benefits themselves, it also benefits the whole community by reducing anti-social behaviour and crime which is caused by the substance abuse.”

Evolve is one of 16 organisations across Cheshire which has recently received Safer Communities Funding to support crime prevention or meet the objectives within the commissioner’s police and crime plan.

To find out more about the Safer Communities Fund, please visit

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