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Booths chilled counters open for business!

By on April 6, 2009

After substantial delays and intrigue the new fish, meat and deli counters at Booths Knutsford officially open to customers on Wednesday the 8th April. Amidst much local speculation that the counters would hold a greatly reduced product line due to their new size or if they would make a return at all, we asked a spokesperson why it had taken so long for the counters to open in the Knutsford Store. “There’s been a lot of behind the scenes work to be done, moving supporting walls of the offices, fridges / structural work etc. The work has also been phased in order to keep as much open as possible.”

The store itself was in need of modernising for some time and their steady march into re-branding and re-styling has brought the northern supermarket chain into the consumer gaze of retail modernity. With a range of new ideas such as an extensive self serve olive bar and a revamped hot food take-away service. This successful area will continue to offer food cooked on the shop floor but with a carvery section serving hot roast beef and hot gammon that is always ready for those hungry customers seeking a tasty hot sandwich.

Loyal shoppers will also be relieved to know that the regionally famous cheese counter will not suffer any reduction in choice. Instead it will retain the same wide range of cheeses as well as featuring some new additions, such as freshly grated or shaven parmesan and a larger range of “Grab-and-Go” cheeses keeping in line with their new efficient service ethos.

The new counters are now designed in a more open plan customer friendly environment, without any compromise to the either the quality of the products or changes to value for money. Although Booths have come a long way with their instore improvements the absence of the fresh meat and fish counters have led people to shop elsewhere in town.

As reported last month, The Easy Fish Co. and Woods the Butchers have noticed a considerable upward spike in trade since the closure. This has given townsfolk an opportunity to return to a truly local shopping experience, where the butcher and the fishmongers’ customer knowledge adds a personalised touch to shopping for something as mundane as a pound of mince or a fillet of haddock. Booths have been advertising the re-opening of the counters but will have a noticeable fight winning back customers.

There is no doubt that Booths are certainly stepping up to the measures of Waitrose and other leading brands and with an extensive range of economically priced goods now featuring on their shelves, it is possible that Booths could out mode ALDI when they finally come to town.

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