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Jazz came to Knutsford with a swing

By on April 27, 2009

A matinee and evening performance were arranged in the hall giving maximum opportunity for people to attend.  Both performances were a fantastic success with both audiences wanting more!!!

The recently donated upright-grand piano certainly sprang to life with  the outstanding playing of Josh Johnson. The concert violinist, David MacKenzie, who is Principal Second Violin in the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland seemed thoroughly at home in the modest Knutsford setting!  Andrew Csibi’s playing of  his double base was breathtaking as his fingers intricately plucked the strings in his solo sections.

The music was truly inspiring and the amusing anecdotes of Josh when he was introducing the individual pieces had the audience holding their sides with laughter. The trio played swing jazz inspired by Stephan Grapelli and added elements of blues and Latin Jazz to create a mix of styles and  most of the pieces were their own compositions. We hope that the group will come again next year.

Josh and David play together regularly and have just recorded their second CD “Notes Home”. If you would like to hear their music log on to:- www.davidandjosh.com

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