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More powercuts spell unwanted loss of trade

By on April 15, 2009

The energy company (who cannot be named for legal reasons) refused to comment on today’s (Wed 15th) powercut, which is the fourth commercially damaging outage this year affecting the same stretch of King Street. Local shopkeepers vented their anger about the continual disruption of electricity supply and remarked upon the damage that its doing businesses.

Jenny O’Connor, of “House” stood in disbelief as her normally brightly lit store was turned to into an almost darkened cave. ” This is the fourth time this year and I’m losing hundreds of pounds.” Jenny, who is prevented from accepting credit cards and cannot open her till, can’t afford to suffer any loss of trade, especially in the current ecomonic climate.

Cherry Tree Gallery also suffered from a loss of power. Sara Hoodfar, proprieter, unwillingly had to turn people away who wanted to browse, as it just wasn’t safe to have people milling around the shop. “The problem is that there is no compensation unless you have been off for 24 hours or more”

P.R.Jones Jeweler David Jones, was furious at the situation. His shop relies heavily on electricity, as now his collection of rings, watches  and other jewelry items sit in the shadows during the blackout. “This is the fourth time this year!” he said angrily. Restaurant and Bar Gusto was affected again and manager Ian was despondant as tables, laid ready for diners, stood empty.

No time has yet been given to traders as to when the supply will be restored, meaning that visitors to some of Knutsford’s dining and drinking establishments may well be sorely disappointed this evening. Although many of the town’s businesses are doing what they can to survive in the current climate, outages like this have a lasting effect, as shoppers and diners find alternative venues.

UPDATE: power was restored at 6pm.

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