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Creative Centenary Support needed!

By on July 8, 2009

Knutsford Hockey Club are to celebrate their Centenary starting in September 2010.  However with events such as this planning has already started to ensure that the Club and the local Community enjoy a year full of interesting and exciting experiences.

Janice Tasho who is involved in organising the events for the Centenary year told us; “During our planning sessions two items emerged that we think the local Knutsford Community can help us with now. 

We are looking for something to generate the Community’s interest in our Centenary now.  We want a bright, attractive and buzz generating design for flyers/posters/banners that we can use now and also take forward into the Centenary itself when advertising our events.

We also wondered whether we could update our existing logo or put a Centenary spin on our existing one. We are looking for someone to be creative and come up with something as soon as possible.

So if you are a budding artist and want some further information, contact Janice on 01565 631044.

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