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Let's go back to the Eighties

By on July 9, 2009

During the mid-eighties, teenagers flew planes into red square, Alan Greenspan was appointed head of the US federal reserve and Ronald Reagan proposed “star-wars” years after George lucas had already delivered his epic. For many music listeners in Britain, these artists provided a positive soundtrack to a changing and often troubled nation.

2006 appeared to be a high point of revival retro-pop with all the mainline eighties popsters returning to the stage. In 2007, Tatton Park played host to one of the biggest concerts in the northern tour calendar. Although not to everyones taste, the synth led, mono-toned vocalised electronica era, never fails in capturing the hearts and minds of millions of fans.

This year sees another army of the revivalists make a welcome return to WA16. The Human League, Belinda Carlisle (insert cheer here) , ABC, Go West and Heaven 17 are all to perform live on the Lake Stage at Tatton Park. Although tickets are a touch strong on price at £29.50 per grass patch, the evening is fabulous  and for any eighties lover, it’s a must. Book now to avoid disappointment, it is an unmissable event.

If you are not a fan of the UK pop classics, you can always opt for Saturday’s Hallé Fireworks and Light Spectacular. Click here for more information


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