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Giant birdhouse to feature at the RHS 2009

By on July 16, 2009

A team of local wood specialists have constructed a giant bird-house for Patricia to work from ‘goldfish bowl style’ for the course of the show.  This is set amidst a stunning meadow of mixed grasses and wild flowers …where a quirky and eye-catching flock of mosaic Fat Bird sculptures will gather from all over the North West for the very first time.

One of the birds on display is Holmes Chapel Primary School’s ‘BUDDY: THE FRIENDSHIP BIRD. Buddy is a collaborative mosaic design taken from the ideas of 112 children from Years 3 and 4 at HCPS.  After making his debut at the show, Buddy will be found near the school’s buddy bus stop so if anyone is feeling lonely he can cheer them up with his sweet song.

The star of the show is BONNIE, produced with the support of Cheshire East, Cheshire Wildlife Trust, Friends of the Moor, Knutsford Heritage Centre and Knutsford Town Council.  After the show, BONNIE will join BELLE: The Knutsford Blue Bird when she is installed on Knutsford Moor as a permanent gift to the community in celebration of the town’s rich culture and identity.

The Fat Birds in Wonderland is a breathtaking example of what can be achieved when a contemporary artist joins forces with local, rural craftsmen and businesses. Explains Artist Patricia Lee “The Fat Birds are quirky and fun so I wanted to show them in a way that reflected that. My art is accessible. When Mandy (Mandala Superlambanana) was on display in Toxteth, I saw lots of people going up to her and putting their arm around her to have their photo taken. For the Fat Birds I wanted to create a place where people could give them a hug and have a photo with them. One of the many things I love about creating mosaics is that it’s OK for people to touch and interact with them. It’s art that doesn’t have a ‘please do not touch’ sign on it!”

Earlier this year, Patricia ran an Art Club with 34 pupils from years 5 & 6 at Holmes Chapel Primary School.  The children created an eye-catching mosaic design and slogan to promote healthy eating throughout the school: ‘Keep on track with a healthy snack’ is illustrated through a variety of fruit and vegetables competing on a running track.

 “…I’m incredibly proud that their work is now on display at the RHS   I know they have been blown away by what they created and we hope the visitors here will be too!” Patricia Lee, Artist.

The RHS Show Tatton Park has more exhibits on display than ever before with many artists and designers creating stunning gardens. The event has something for all ages with many things for families and entry for children is free.  The RHS Show Tatton Park takes place between 22 and 26 July 2009, with 22 July reserved for RHS members.

Tickets are priced from £19 for RHS members and £22 for public tickets in advance. To book or to find out more call 0844 209 0363 or visit For further information about the RHS contact:

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