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Knutsford Calls for Climate Action

By on October 14, 2009

There will be a special screening of Sisters on the Planet, a short film showcasing the stories of four inspirational women from across the globe, including Bangladesh, Uganda, Brazil and the UK.

Serena Tramonti, an Oxfam campaigner who has just returned from working with the G8 in Italy, will talk about her experiences both in Italy in Nepal. She will focus on how development work links with campaigning around the world, and explore how climate change is having a dramatic effect on both these areas.

Serena said, “Climate change is impacting on people’s lives around the world. At the December UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, politicians from 192 countries will have the chance to make a difference. It’s important that we all take action now to combat climate change for current and future generations”.

This event will be part of the groundswell in the UK of local communities acting together on climate change, showing support for developing countries and calling for a fair and safe deal at Copenhagen.

Over refreshments, attendees will have the chance to discuss what they can do to raise awareness about climate change, and find out about projects Oxfam is co-ordinating in the Knutsford area.

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