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Workers go the extra mile for Alfa Romeo

By on October 31, 2009

Team members at Mangoletsi, in Allostock, love Alfa Romeos so much they are prepared to travel from as far away as Derby and Blackpool just to work with the luxury motors.

“The Mangoletsi name and the Alfa Romeo brand have the ability to attract people to travel from miles around to come and work in the area,” said Senior Sales Specialist Mark Hutchison, who travels from Burton upon Trent everyday.

“I love sports cars so for me to be working for this Alfa Romeo dealership is a dream job.”

Mangoletsi is the UK’s largest and longest established Alfa Romeo dealership and employs 55 staff. The majority of the workforce comes from the local Cheshire community, but around a dozen workers travel from across the North West of England to work in Knutsford.

“Recruiting staff has never been a problem,” said Mangoletsi managing director Fraser Hudson.

“People always have a real desire to come and work for Manglotetsi. To think that people are travelling hundreds of miles from places like Derby, Blackpool and North Manchester every day, despite the fact that we are in a deep recession, shows the draw the Alfa Romeo brand has.”

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