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Driver stupidity could lead to serious injury or even loss of life

By on November 20, 2009

Both police, fire and rescue services (Joint Partnership) ran another successful impact day that saw fifty vehicles stopped due to driving offenses.

Nine people were shown to be exceeding the speed limit, a further nine other drivers were stopped for using mobile telephones but thirty four drivers were stopped as a result of not wearing seat belts.

With driver safety high on the agenda of all police forces up and down the county it is astounding to learn that so many drivers are still unable to clunk-click. ROSPA’s website reveals that since the introduction of the seat-belt law in 1983 well over 50,000 lives have been saved. Kevin Clinton, Head of Road Safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: “It is shocking that a stubborn minority of people still do not belt up when they get into a vehicle. Research shows that about a third of car occupants receiving fatal injuries are not wearing seat-belts.”

Officers said that the impact day was a success and almost all of the drivers stopped during the course of the exercise said that it was a positive experience. Impact days are designed to bring driver safety back to the forefront of road safety by giving the option to watch the educational video or take a ticket

In addition, police stopped one vehicle who’s occupants had a small quantity of cannabis confiscated. A house search later on that day revealed that the young men from the Northwhich area had in fact been growing their own Marijuana

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