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Foiled Distraction burglary & Police updater

By on November 24, 2009

On Saturday afternoon an attempted burglary on Sandileigh Avenue was reported to Knutsford Community Policing Team. The actual attempt was
believed to have taken place on Wednesday evening. A window was forced however the individual or individuals were unsuccessful in gaining entry to the property. The Community Policing Team urge all residents to be extra vigilant as seasonal increases in burglaries can be kept under control by ensuring that doors and windows are secured.

There has been several complaints to Knutsford Police officers with regards to parked vehicles on Mereheath Lane. Road users are struggling to get past many parked cars and although drivers have been advised to park safely the sheer number of cars is cause for concern. It is believed that the over running work at Egerton Football Club is the cause of the traffic and parking issue.

A foiled distraction burglary was reported to the Community Action Team on Saturday from an occupant of a house located on Woodlands Drive. At around 15:00 two men attended the house in question stating that they were from the “Water Board”. One of the men, a white, tall, young man of a thin build wearing a black and white tie, made some indications that the stop tap under the sink needed attention. Suspicious of this the occupant questioned identity of the two men and asked to see some formal ID.

One of the men said that their ID had been left in the car, but was parked some distance away and that the men would go and retrieve it. The two men then left the premises but did not return. The Community Policing Team now believe this to have been an attempted distraction burglary  All residents are urged to be extra vigilant and before you open the door it is strongly advised that you request and validate all forms identification. If you suspect anything the local policing team can be called to ensure safety and security of Knutsford residents.


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