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Roy retires after 42 years service

By on February 2, 2010

Roy Jefferies has worked in the parts department of Mangoletsi Alfa Romeo dealership near Knutsford since he was 23.

“When I first started working for Mangoletsi we were selling cars in pounds, shillings and pence,” said Roy, now 65. Since joining the company in London Road, Allostock, Roy has sold more than £30 million worth of parts to Alfa drivers throughoutBritain.
Asked why he had stayed at the company for so long, he said: “Working with Alfa Romeo cars and my Mangoletsi colleagues.” “I love working in the motor industry,” added Roy, who is originally from Allostock, but now lives in Goostrey. “Everyone I have worked with has a real passion for what they are doing, and a love for Alfa Romeo cars, whether in the sales, service or parts department.
“The thing I’m going to miss most is being a team player. I’m very fortunate over all my years to have worked with so many nice people.” Having worked on dozens of great cars at the dealership over the years, Roy ranks the Alfa Romeo GT Junior of the 1960s and 1970s as his personal favourite.
“The engine and the gear box were so well suited,” he said. “It was everything that is great about Alfa Romeo. I think the Alfa MiTo is today’s modern equivalent.” Roy says retirement will allow him to spend more time on his second passion – fishing.
As a parting gift Roy was handed a vintage bottle of Champagne from 1968, the year he started working for the company, along with a free meal out for him and his family, and a £5,000 bonus – which he intends to spend on a new car.
He was also given a specially-engraved Alfa Romeo watch from the Mangoletsi After Sales Manager Ken Buckley, who has worked at Mangoletsi with Roy for 39 years“It is the end of an era,” said Mangoletsi Managing Director Fraser Hudson.
“He has been such an inspirational part of this company, and has become a famous face to Alfa Romeo owners all across the UK. “We would all like to wish him the best of luck for the future.” For more information about Mangoletsi call 01565 722899 or visit

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