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Absolutley Quiztastic!

By on February 8, 2010

If you want to forget your worldly worries for a while, then I cannot recommend more strongly an evening of entertainment and fun with Lord Ted as your host.

Once met, never forgotten, Lord Ted has a presence that will make you feel instantly welcome. He flits light-footedly around the room, ensuring everyone is looked after and loves a funny quip or a joke with anyone as he delivers his questions. Never one to take himself too seriously his quiz format reflects this mind-set with topics that are as broad as they are interesting. His trademark jester’s hat and dazzling blazer brightens up the evening along with his many cheeky catchphrases.

His format is simple and proven after many years of executing this unique quiz. There are several opportunities to win prizes throughout the evening such as a much sought after bottle of Lord Ted’s wine or by playing his crazy Stand-up Bingo at half time. But you soon learn that it’s not about the winning so much as the taking part.  The evening could be described as playful and any profoundness is quickly dismissed by the Quizmaster.

Usually set in the comfort of a comfortable local pub you can use the occasion to catch up with friends or treat yourself and family to a meal before participating in the quiz. It makes the evening a very affordable one, as the quiz is always free to enter and there are no limits to team numbers.

Additionally, if you are a member of an organisation or club, you could do a lot worse than to commission a private fund raising evening with Lord Ted as your host. He has even been known to appear at Birthday Parties and Weddings.

For all the details about venues and dates and anything else you want to know, apart from the answers of course, feel free to email Lord Ted at lordtedmobberley@mac.com

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