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Laugh your head right off your shoulders…

By on February 8, 2010

A man walks into a bar… no seriously he does… he walks into a bar in Fallowfield some twelve months ago and fancies himself a nice refreshing pint.

The clock hand progresses around its face and before long a bloke comes over to him and demands two quid. Not feeling too impressed with the price of beer he was now asked for a two pound tax for breathing the air in the place..but he was wrong, the venue had been magically transformed, before his very eyes, into a comedy club.

Now, fast forward a few years, same man this time with partner, walks into a bar, The Angel to be exact, and with pint in hand ponders awhile on the enjoyable and lengthy stroll around Tatton Park.

Whilst paying a visit to the hows-yer-father the man spots a sign pointing upwards to the function room..”MMmm” the man says.. “interesting” the man thinks. Actually his name is Dave. “MMMmmm” thinks Dave.. “interesting”, so after a quick recon of the function space, the cogs begin turning, turning some more…and turning…and, well… you get the picture.

With years of running and organising comedy nights in Manchester why not have a cracking comedy night here in little ‘ole Knutsford. Surely it will work, £10 for tickets for a whole evening of entertainment.. perfect, its just what Knutsford needs in these odd and somewhat uncertain times.

And so the story draws to a close, The Angel is to become the Giggle Factory on the last Saturday of every month so get your tenners at the ready and have yourself a rip roaring, belly straining, laugh-out-loud time.


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