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Airport Security Officers play cupid

By on February 12, 2010

So this year, airport security staff have been given a secret phrase that romantic passengers can whisper if they want to request a private search behind a privacy screen in Terminals 1 and 3 or to go through the Body Scanner in Terminal 2.
Passengers travelling in the run up to 14th February can mention the secret phrase, ‘Be My Valentine’, to security staff to be given this option of a private search if you have an engagement ring on your person.
Mike Fazackerley, Manchester Airport’s Director of Customer Services and Security, explained: “Our security staff are more than happy for passengers to use the secret phrase especially if it avoids ruining a romantic proposal they had planned. We want to make all of our customer’s journeys easier but also to ensure our high standards of security are not compromised.”
If you are planning on storing an engagement ring in your hand luggage please be aware that this is subject to inspection by security staff before you can head through to the departure lounge. This can include a full examination of carry-on items in front of passengers so don’t forget to use the code words to avoid you having to have an impromptu proposal in the security search area!
The extract below is taken from Manchester Airport’s aviation security procedures and will remain in place from Friday 12th February 2010 to Monday 15th February 2010:
“Aviation security officers at outbound control are to inspect passenger hand baggage behind the privacy screen if given the code words ‘Be My Valentine’ by the passenger at the point where he/she is advised that further baggage inspection is required.”

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