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Is litter an issue in your area?

By on February 19, 2010

Becca Nelson, from CPRE Cheshire, commented ‘I’ve been horrified by the amount of roadside litter I’ve seen over the last couple of months since the grass and hedges have died back for the winter. Cheshire is in need of a good spring-cleaning and we would love to hear from members of the public who share our concerns and want to make a difference in their local area.’

Keep Britain Tidy released a report this month stating that overall litter levels have dropped for the second year running. As well as councils taking their responsibilities more seriously, community action has played a real part in this – CPRE’s national network of branches and the 277 groups on CPRE’s LitterAction website have collected over 33,000 bags of rubbish over the past couple of years.

But we shouldn’t have to rely on the public spirit of volunteers and taxpayers’ money to sort out this problem (nationally, £1.9m per day!) – to make a real, long-term difference we need to change attitudes. To that end, CPRE and the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust have produced a pack which teaches children about the real consequences of dropping litter – completion of the pack will help schools to work towards an Eco School award.

If you would like to volunteer to help tackle litter in your area, to tell CPRE about a local grot spot, or to find out more about the Whole School Litter Campaign pack, you can contact the charity on 01606 835046, or email Alternately, visit the CPRE Cheshire website for more information –

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