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The Real Radio Renegade Tracked Down in Knutsford

By on April 23, 2010

Real Radio listeners Tom Edwards , Hannah Vickers and Anthony Evans from Knutsford this afternoon collected their share of £100,000; they bagged £3,000 by tracking down The Real Radio Renegade to Knutsford Town Centre.

The Real Radio Renegade returned to the Northwest last week. Listeners are given a two hour bounty period three times a day to track him down using clues given live on-air, online and pictures posted to
Tom, Hannah & Antony were taking a break in the staff room at Booths on Stanley Road in Knutsford listening to Home-time presenters Glen and Lorna when the Real Radio Renegade gave listeners the clue; “a splash of coloured rock in 11 days for a lovely day out” – referring to the forthcoming May Day celebrations and sanding of the streets in Knutsford.
Tom explained; “we were on a staff break at work when we heard he was in Knutsford, we decided to head out to try and find him. It was manic out there! We were running up and down King Street asking everyone “Are you the Real Radio Renegade?”
Real Radio presenter Glen said; “the Real Radio Renegade has been tough to track down this week. We thought rock may be referring to a coastal town but the clever people of Knutsford very quickly put us on the right track.”
Presenter Lorna added; “he was trying to make things difficult but our listeners in Knutsford soon related the clue to the hugely popular May Day celebrations in the town. Tom, Hannah and Anthony ran around for fifteen minutes and found him just in time!”
Asked what their three grand winnings will go on, Tom told Real Radio; “It’s not sunk in properly yet, one minute we’re taking a break from work, next minute we’re three grand richer! We will of course be splitting the cash three ways, I’m looking forward to buying some new games for my X Box.”
The Real Radio Renegade will continue to hide at locations around the Northwest each weekday until Friday 30th April

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