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Cut cake not care

By on May 4, 2010

The call comes as new research reveals that older voters will be more influential in the 2010 General Election than ever before.
The new findings – released as part of Age Concern East Cheshire’s ‘Our power is our number’ campaign2 – show that 56.1% of the estimated share of votes cast in Tatton at the coming election are aged over 55, with this age group accounting for the majority of votes cast in 308 constituencies across Britain.3 In its election manifesto, the charity is calling on all of the political parties to commit to five key election pledges including:
·         reforming the failing social care system
·         ending pensioner poverty
·         outlawing ageism
·         improving the NHS and other public services
·         enabling older people to play a greater role in society
Eileen Talbot, Chair of the Senior Voice Group, said:
“Improving the ageing experience is a huge challenge for any government, locally and nationally. Older people are fed up with settling for second class services. Older people are routinely receiving inadequate support from an underfunded social care system, and facing daily discrimination in employment, financial services and medical treatment.
“The success of any party will depend on its commitment to act on the issues which are important to older people, who are more likely to vote than any other age group. We are calling on all older people in the Knutsford area to demand urgent action from local candidates on social care, poverty, age discrimination, the NHS and public services. Anyone who wants to get involved with our campaign should contact us on 01625 612958.”

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