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Floral abundance at Brook Street Chapel + video report

By on May 10, 2010

When it was first decided to arrange a year of events to celebrate the bi-centenary of the birth of Elizabeth Gaskell all the organisations that had links to Gaskell met to discuss what they would like to organise.

I represented Brook Street Chapel, which is where Elizabeth Gaskell worshipped until her marriage to the eminent Unitarian Minister William Gaskell and she moved to Manchester.  She kept very close contact with Brook Street Chapel throughout her life and always considered it her “spiritual home”.  Her final wish was to be buried in the Chapel graveyard where she now rests with her husband and two unmarried daughters.

Many people watched and enjoyed “Cranford” but because it was not filmed in Knutsford Brook Street Chapel was not shown.  I wanted to redress the balance and give as many people as possible the opportunity to visit her “real” chapel.

A Flower Festival to celebrate the life and novels of Elizabeth Gaskell seemed to be an ideal event. I knew that the Knutsford and District Flower Club had an outstanding reputation and was delighted when they agreed to undertake such a challenging assignment.

As well as the imaginative tableaux there is a display of Victorian costumes.Ladies of the chapel dressed in Victorian clothes are serving refreshments.

We look forward to meeting you there. Brook Street Chapel Flower Festival 14th-17th May 2010


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