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A new frontier

By on May 13, 2010

Yesterday, people  across the country witnessed political history in the making as the unification of opposing forces was finally broadcast live.

Cameron and Clegg stood at their own lecterns in the gardens at No.10 speaking almost as close friends and it is was nothing short of inspirational. They were good humoured and cohesive in front of the established political press core and a hungry public, something that British politics has never seen the likes of before.

Perhaps this is the wind of change that needs to blow in this time of untold social and economic difficulty. Both parties spoke of wide scale change and reform and from the surface they have got what they want in some shape or form.  Maintaining their relationship is going to be key as both men will struggle tempering  their own embedded political views  whilst ensuring that balanced decision making remains on course with successful outcomes.

Both parties have some excellent minds and learned skills that we should, as an electorate, embrace. This new collective draws on a wealth of combined knowledge and a more open state of mind to help deliver accurate bi-angulation when wrangling over policy changes. It is early days, but could this be the making of the most successful government since Churchill. (granted the times were somewhat different)? time will tell.

There are some truths that we are still being shielded from,  the true extent of budget deficit to name but one as there exists no real clarity.  We know that is an almost insurmountable problem, but I believe they will solve it, and not by printing money or over borrowing.

As the outgoing government finally hands over the accounts to the youthful Osborne the true extent of the fiscal horror will be exposed. We can, however, be thankful that the enormity of the job as chancellor can be shouldered as a balanced team with Cable providing exquisite financial intellect and experience.

Over the forthcoming months ( if they hold it together) the governing team are going to announce painful economic measures that are going to cause interim discomfort for almost everyone.

We already know that the new government are keen to commence work on spending cuts and public cost reductions, that much we do know, just how deep these cuts are to be is something that we as the electorate simply cannot prepare for. What is needed is their honesty and openness with clear explanations as to where, when and how the impact of said cuts are going to affect us. Although we will not have a say in exactly what is going to happen, it will offer some cushioning for what is likely to be some ugly hammer blows.

There is no doubt that we have a big part to play in all of this,  just because we have a new government does not mean that we should expect everything to be done for us, because the truth is it just isnt. Change was asked by voters but change in our attitudes will also be asked of us by this new political order. It is now time for civic duty and civic pride to play a bigger part in the development of our society and our surroundings.

I don’t speak of a idealist’s word, I speak of an evolved sense of realism where common sense and reality need to become the tools of our everyday lives, where we absolutely need to set aside difference so that we can prosper socially, financially and with civic responsibility. If two leaders can unite and support the overbearing weight of the nations problems so can we.

Let us  hope David Cameron, Nick Clegg and the team they have around them can make it work for the good of the nation and with our help, build a greater Britain.

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