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Are you running your business or is it running you?

By on May 13, 2010

Now the Northwest Regional Development Agency’s (NWDA) new business Mentoring Programme will enable you to do just that. The scheme is funded by the government and is free to qualifying businesses. To be eligible your business must have been trading for a minimum of 12 months and have a turnover of less than £2million per year.

Locally based Leadership Coach, Greg Marshall, has been a mentor for the programme for the past year, and is actively involved in the schemes promotion in Cheshire as well as attracting suitable business leaders in the area to become mentors. He commented

“Mentoring is designed specifically to help leaders and senior managers of small businesses to develop strong leadership skills. We will match you with a dedicated mentor for up to 12 months, who will be a role model, a sounding board and will encourage you to become more innovative as a business leader. The Mentoring Programme gives leaders a priceless opportunity to work with a dedicated mentor who will develop their leadership and management potential to help them grow their business. “

Recent feedback from one of the programmes mentoring clients illustrates how valuable the mentoring partnership can be, and is typical of the comments raised by many of participants:

“When I started the business, I felt I had a lot to learn in terms of getting our USP across to schools and contractors. Greg is a great sounding board and has given me the confidence to win serious support for our projects. He has encouraged me to believe in myself and that I can achieve what, at the time, might seem impossible. He has helped me discover the tools I need to unlock the business’ potential. We now have some great contracts in the pipeline and an award win.”

Alison Watson, Class of Your Own – Click here to download the case study

Find out what Mentoring can do for you by contacting Greg on 077900 65798, or Community and Business Partners on 01254 505050.(visit our website  for information, examples of case studies and testimonials)

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