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Bird with no name will be a star of the show

By on May 26, 2010

Her keepers at Gauntlet Bird of Prey Centre in Knutsford have struggled to come up with a suitable moniker for the one-year-old bird so will be asking visitors at the Cheshire County Show for suggestions.

“Hopefully when they meet and see her fly at the show they will be inspired to come up with a suitable name,” said Graham Bessant, owner of Gauntlet.

“She is a bold bird and has already proven herself as a capable flier so hopefully visitors to the show will come up with something that sums her up well.”

The young bald eagle has learnt to fly at the Knutsford centre, which is the biggest of its kind in the North West. Visitors to the Cheshire County Show on June 22 and 23 will get to see the 9lbs bird’s progress up close by meeting her and her handler from the Gauntlet team at the event.

Whoever comes up with the winning name will receive a free family pass to the bird of prey centre off Manchester Road.

Other stunning – and speedy – birds of prey from around the world will be making an appearance at the Cheshire County Show thanks to the support of award-winning mineral company Sibelco, which is based in Sandbach.

It will be the second year in a row that the two Cheshire companies – which are both passionate about conserving the natural environment – have formed the partnership.

Sibelco is a mineral quarrying company, which prides itself on working in tandem with the natural environment and its restoration and conservation schemes.

Communication manager Rob Sproston said: “Our ongoing support for the Cheshire Show is important given the nature of our business within the county and interaction with the natural landscape.

“Many of our quarry restoration schemes have gained national recognition in helping local biodiversity targets and the creation of new wildlife habitats.

“Sponsoring the birds of prey display is a great partnership given Gauntlet’s similar commitment to wildlife conservation and education.”

For more information visit or for tickets call 0845 1249822.

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