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Tatton Garden Society awarded Silver at RHS 2010

By on July 23, 2010

The stand has been designed by David Skidmore and replicates a sailing ship bringing back plants from the countries the Plant Hunters visited.

On the deck you will find a Wardian case made by John Todd, which is like an atrium to protect plants on the sea trip surrounded by a host of exotic plant ranging from a small tea plant to an eight foot Chusan palm.

The back drop of a seascape and sailing ship was made for us by Sean Duvall at Knutsford Little Theatre. For more information please visit www.tattongardensociety.co.uk

Our coverage sponsor Xentum Wealth Management, would like to treat you and three guests who share your horticultural passion to tickets for next year’s Tatton Park RHS Show. For more information please click here and visit their website.


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