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Calling all carnivores to the Artisan Meat Company

By on November 18, 2010

As I pulled up in the car park outside the Artisan Meat Company farm shop at Cherry Tree Farm in Adlington some lovely fat chickens happily pecking away outside greeted me.

Not far behind the chickens was one half of the very friendly and welcoming Artisan Partnership, Paul.

On my first visit to the shop I had a long chat with Paul and Mark who are the brains behind this new business to try and find out just what it is that inspired them to open the Artisan Meat Company.

Paul explained that they have been friends for 15 years and have a passion for good quality and locally sourced food. They both have families and were both concerned that a whole generation was missing a good education in fresh food and where it comes from.

Paul has a background in restaurants and Mark has been working in the butchery trade for over 20 years

Mark is what Paul describes as a conscientious butcher and will make sure that everything you buy is spot on for what you want to cook.

If you need any advice they are both more that happy to share their knowledge with customers who are unsure.  On the flip side both the guys love to get customers feedback and work tirelessly to make sure that they listen to what their customers want.

If there is something that the customer wants then they will happily source it for you.

Paul, then spirited me away for a tour. First stop the Meat counter.   This is a meat eater’s paradise. The shelves are full of Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry and Game.

The Beef is of the highest quality because Mark and Paul personally handpick all the cattle that will end up in their shop to ensure the very best quality.

They have 14 head of cattle on a neighbours farm  supplying the shop.  All of the beef is on the bone and hung for 28 days using traditional methods.  You can even see it all blackening in the shop so you know that it is guaranteed to be absolutely full of flavour.

The Pork & Lamb is Artisans own or from neighbouring farms much of which is on show from the drive way which will in due course all be sold in the shop which Paul and Mark are really looking forward to so that they can tell customers exactly how the animals were fed and reared.

Artisan also supply locally barn reared, hormone free chicken.  Complimenting the chicken is the Goosnaugh duckling from renowned farmers Johnson & Swarbrick.

The Artisan Meat Company range of bacon is all dry cured on the premises by Mark with variations including herb crust, treacle and smoked.

“We pride ourselves on providing the finest quality and excellent service, All our meat and poultry is locally sourced and of the finest quality”

The sausages are again all prepared by Mark and have a great choice of Artisans own recipes including a Pork Cranberry and pancetta which has been developed especially for their Christmas Chipolatas.

The Game includes Venison, Wild Boar, Rabbit and Pheasant, which for the most part are sourced locally from shoots in Macclesfield Forrest and Jodrell Bank.

As the name would suggest the main focus of Artisan is on the meat, however there is also a great stock of preserves, cakes, stock, marinades, biscuits, farm butter and eggs, freshly baked bread and a large stall outside of fruit and veg.

It was a brave decision to start a new business in this tough economic climate.  The shop has been open for ten weeks and things are going well and business is steadily growing as the word spreads.  The reasons for this growth is in Paul and Marks opinion down to the quality of the meat, Marks care and knowledge, locality of produce (even the labels used in the packaging are from a company based in Alderley edge) and because they listen to what the locals tell them they need and they supply it.

Paul and Mark personally try all the produce that they sell in the shop and when setting up the business they got busy with the enviable task of testing their sausages for the amount of shrinkage, the flavour of their steaks, the amount of fat that came from the burgers to make sure that they offer customers the very best quality produce available.

What does the future hold for Artisan?  Home delivery in their new refrigerated van is on the not too distant horizon.  Long term Paul and Mark would like to expand the Artisan brand in to areas that are not currently serviced by a top quality butcher.  We may even see an Artisan steak house that uses all of the meat sold in the shop one day.

The guys quite simply have a great passion for food.  The Artisan meat company offer fantastic value for money on product that is absolutely top quality.

So far, I have tried a large piece of topside of Beef and have stewed a rabbit and both have been full of flavour and fantastic quality so well done Paul and Mark and thank you for bringing us a great new local business.

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