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Venture overward update

By on November 20, 2010

It has been a busy month for Venture Over Ward – Over the last couple of weeks I have had meetings with Cheshire East securing a piece of Land for the much anticipated Skate park for Knutsford.

We have also secured endorsements from The Chancellor George Osborne and to the Skater’s delight a personal letter of Support from the Worlds greatest Skateboarder Tony Hawks. I have also got a meeting tomorrow with Cllr Andrew Knowles – Portfolio holder for Health and Well being in Cheshire East who has found us funding for the Skatepark. His words are “He will make it worth our while. I will update tomorrow with the results.

On other matters Venture Over Ward recognise that their are mental health issues with in the WARD such as Anxiety and depression. Working with Doctors in knutsford we hope to fund upto 5 counselling sessions for each resident that are on the IAPT waiting list for Counselling.

At present there is a 12 month plus waiting list for Counselling with IAPT so potentally from the point of diagnosis to the date of the 1st session the residents may have been suffering for over 2 and half years. For just £15000 we would guarenttee 5 sesssions for upto 80 residents with mental heath issues. To put it in perspective – to erect a fence for the longridge community play area would cost us £9268 – for that amount of money we could guarentee 60 residents 5 counselling sessions. (The latter would serve the community a whole lot better).

Our 1st small fundraising event was held on Saturday 6th November 2010 and raised £207 profit. A huge thanks go to all the volunteers and the local businesses who donated prizes for the raffle. Tatton Ale, Mr Simms Sweet shop, The Angel, Loch Fyne. Also resident Michaela Wrench donated a full swedish massage.

I am extremely proud to have found a supporter in the form of England Footballer Phil Jagielka who donated one of his match worn Signed shirts. A good day was had and all proceeds will go towards provide a huge tea dance for the elderly residents of Knutsford in the 70th Anniversary year of the battle of britain.

On saturday 13th November I represented the group at Peover Hall where we received a cheque for £1000 from the Cheshire Game and Angling fair. It was perfect sunny weather in the most glorious setting. It was also a very humbling experience as I was photographed next to some established fantastic charities such as the North West Air Ambulance, The Scouts and Ollerton riding school for the disabled. Lets hope Venture Over Ward can do as much good as these fantastic groups.

In the middle of all this hive of activity I managed to find time to attend Community Speed watch Training in Mobberly organised by the LAP and Marylin Kerby. The group aim to purchase a speed gun once a full quota of volunteers are signed up and tackle the speeding cars that blatantly ignore the law whilst driving through Longridge and down Mobberly road. If you would like to volunteer to work on the speedwatch alongside myself please contact me on 07824 513 120.

At some point I managed to spend sometime with my family also.

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