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Chelford Children are Climate Champions

By on December 1, 2010

Chelford CE Primary School children are calling on the people of Knutsford to take action on climate change this Christmas. And they are doing it through messages in second hand books.

The children, after a visit from an Oxfam aid worker who survived a typhoon, decided to raise money for the world’s poorest by collecting and donating second hand books to the Oxfam shop in Knutsford.

But they are not stopping there. They have written letters to inspire adults to take action and those will be included in 1000 books sold in the Oxfam shop on Princess Street between now and Christmas. The letters depict what the children know and feel about climate change and what they would like adults to do about it.

They were moved to learn how people in the Philippines raise their homes and walkways, and use flood resistant seeds to cope with the effects of climate change.

A 9-year-old pupil wrote in their letter: “The money that you paid for this book will help children and adults in other countries or in England who aren’t as fortunate as us and have bad weather. The money could get better houses and lift them higher in places where there are lots of floods”.

Heather Tudge, a volunteer in the Knutsford Oxfam Shop says: “It is great to see that children as young as seven years old want to help others to fight climate change- and that they want to push adults to protect their future”.

So when you buy a book with a child’s message in the Oxfam shop, you can directly respond via

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