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Thousands play their part to help nature’s recovery

By on December 20, 2010

Public support for action to ensure the future recovery of wildlife and the environment is being felt by the Government after it received more than 15,000 responses – an unprecedented number – to a consultation to ‘Shape the Nature of England’.

Cheshire Wildlife Trust joined 46 other local Wildlife Trusts in encouraging everyone to support its call for the Government to take action for wildlife in an ambitious new way, and help change the way the natural environment is managed.

The Wildlife Trusts launched a nationwide online campaign to promote involvement with the Government’s Natural Environment White Paper to members, supporters and partners.  In just six weeks the dedicated website received more than 5,200 unique visits.

Cheshire Wildlife Trust is already playing a part through its ambitious Living Landscape scheme across 450ha of the Gowy and Mersey Washlands – a recovery plan for nature to help create a resilient and healthy environment, rich in wildlife, and provide ecological security for local communities.

Janel Fone, Chief Executive of Cheshire Wildlife Trust said: “This huge response shows that people across the north west and the rest of the country are passionate about wildlife and the environment, and want to see this important part of our daily lives given serious consideration by the Government. I would like to thank those who made their views known through the consultation, and such a significant and inspirational response will drive the team at Cheshire Wildlife Trust to continue our hard work for wildlife across the region.

“It is always heartening to see such a positive response to our natural world, especially with potential challenges such as the proposals for renewable energy on the Mersey estuary likely to test our ability to balance the need to work towards a sustainable future for local communities – whilst safeguarding the wildlife we have worked hard to protect over recent decades”.

The White Paper is due to be published in Spring 2011. The Wildlife Trusts want it to:

  • Lay down the foundations for new legislation to drive a step-change in action for the recovery of the natural environment
  • Provide a framework to restore the health of wildlife and the natural processes upon which people depend, such as clean air and water
  • Support people and communities to value, and take action for, wildlife
  • Secure protection for, and enhance, existing wildlife sites, now and in the future
  • Maintain momentum to implement the Marine & Coastal Access Act and identify Marine Protected Areas

Photo: (c) Paul Bunyard

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