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Save a Life, Drop the Knife design led by Glen Jackson, HM Prison Everthorpe

By on July 20, 2011

Project coordinator Glen Jackson of HM Prison Everthorpe worked with a group of prisoners; both perpetrators and victims of knife related crimes, to design and create a garden to raise awareness on current issues relating to knife crime.

The garden represents the journey of knife crime from the physical act through to imprisonment, rehabilitation and then eventually making the right decisions and enjoying the benefits of ‘Dropping the Knife’. The garden features a run down, urbanised area depicted by plants with thorns, spikes and leaf margins with serrated edges to represent the physical act of violence.

This area then graduates into the area of imprisonment and rehabilitation signified by barbed wire and mesh fencing.  It also includes polished granite to represent reflection and a bridge extending over half the length of a pool to signify the guidance offered from various agencies. The end of the journey is depicted by stepping stones out of the pool and a harmonious garden with soft textured planting and vibrant colour combinations, showing that the journey is complete.

The garden has positively supported 42 inmates, including twelve under 25 years of age and four who were imprisoned due to knife related crimes. All of the original project team have been released into society or moved on to an open prison. The project allows participants to learn and develop skills they can then use once released.


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