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‘Brodanse’ DJs top the table in renowned Remix Contest.

By on May 15, 2012

TWO brothers from Knutsford have been ranked top ten out of several hundred for their remix of one of Germany’s biggest electronic music acts.

Austen and Scott Smart, who have been collaborating since 2007, submitted their rendition of “Schwindelig” released on Connaisseur recordings (who teamed up with ‘junodownload) for the famous Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix Contest.

The five year-old Offenbach based label provides an efficient network to promote their releases on a global scale. Some of the biggest names in Dance Music have released on Connaisseur including Jamie Jones, Claude Von Stroke and Anja Schneider.

With more than 40 Releases on Connaisseur alone and an additional 25 records out on both sub labels they have become a major player on the international scene and are responsible for unforgettable moments on dance floors worldwide.

Austen, aged 25 said: “To be ranked in the top ten was a great achievement for us. One of the things we put it down to is the fact that we are based outside the city (our studio is in Knutsford, Cheshire) and therefore we work a lot harder to get our sound heard.”

“As well as this we do not follow current trends in house music – something that we have been applauded for over and over again by some rather juicy names in House Music.”

“We had been following Kollektiv Turmstrasse for quite a long time so when presented with the opportunity to do a remix for them and get the Brodanse name out to a worldwide audience, we could not resist!”

“Our remix really turns a quite down tempo track into something meant much for the clubs. We threw out nearly all of the remix parts and kept only the baseline and a snippet of the vocal, from there we were able to give it that Brodanse ‘Bass Hall’ feel that we are getting known for.”

The winners of the contest received over 500 euros worth of vouchers and a release of the remix on Connaisseur recordings

Brodanse tracks will be available to buy in August and can be heard on soundcloud.

http://soundcloud.com/alexconnaisseurrecordings/kollektiv-turmstrasse-2 you can also hear all of their other work at http://soundcloud.com/brodanse.

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