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A modern twist: Oliver in the round!

By on January 6, 2013

Knutsford Musical Theatre Company have needed to look further afield to perform their latest musical “Oliver!”  They took to the stage at The Grange Theatre, Hartford on Sunday for their first chance to rehearse “Oliver!” on the stage where it is to be performed next week.  This was the first time many of the cast had had a chance to go inside The Grange Theatre.

Knutsford Musical Theatre Company try to perform as locally to Knutsford as possible, but in recent years this has become, at times, somewhat difficult.  The venues are limited and there is also strong competition from other local groups for the limited space.

This was compounded last year with the change-over in ownership the Civic centre, making booking uncertain at the time, although the sale of the Civic Centre is now completed and KMTC are looking forward to the possibility of working with Curzon Cinemas for future shows.

However, the facilities at The Grange Theatre lend themselves to setting the show “in the round” which has led to an interesting and modern take on the traditional musical.

Tickets for “Oliver!” are selling fast.  To book your go to www.kmtc.org.uk or phone  01565 634 551.

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