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A return to natural beauty, with your help….

By on January 30, 2013

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]t Johns Wood Knutsford is roughly four and a half acres of “Ancient Wet Woodland”. It is currently estimated that in the whole of the UK there is less than 2% of woodland that can be categorised as such. The Woods are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, & are jointly owned by Cheshire East & Great Places.

CS LogoIt’s a shame this rare and beautiful piece of ancient wet woodland has been used for fly tipping of domestic & industrial rubbish, as Ironically the local town tip is within one hundred meters walking distance from the woodland.

Community Spirit now intend to seek an asset transfer from Cheshire East Council and get a conditional use agreement from Great Places, so as we may clean it up, repair the paths and fences, encourage the return of wildlife & have an outdoor classroom built. This is so the people of Longridge & Shaw Heath can enjoy the Woodland, the fauna and flora & some peace and tranquility.

Community Spirit then decided that we would also have a community survey with the residence to see if we can do more than just the woods. So we are running a road show around the Longridge & Shaw Heath area the dates are:

Wed 30th Jan 0800-0930 at the bus stop near the Falcon Bearer
Thur 31st Jan 1500-1730 Mobberley Road Post office (One Stop)
Fri 1st Feb 0800-1600 at the Welcome Cafe

If people could pop down do the survey & support us that would be great

We are also looking at volunteers for a couple of hours to help with a community clean up of St John’s Wood at the end of Feb please ask for more details csknutsford@gmail.com  or call 07505 864 690 and via twitter @ComSpiritKnuts
Written and submitted by Kane Gunter

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