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Let’s show Knutsford’s got talent at special Promenades night

By on June 12, 2013

promenadeslogoForget Britain’s Got Talent, it’s time for Knutsford to show it has talent at a special open mike evening at the Knutsford Heritage Centre on Wednesday 12 June at 6.30pm.

The evening is open to any musicians, readers, actors, singer, buskers, groups, who want to take part in the Knutsford Promenades on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 July.

The open mike night will be part rehearsal for those already involved, and part Knutsford’s Got Talent so people can come along and show us what they’d like to perform during the Promenades,” said key Promenader Sarah Flannery.

“You might like to read extracts from older Knusfordians’ stories who have already shared their memories of living in the town, or perform a rehearsed reading of a short monologue in role as one of the historical figures who lived in Knutsford.”

The Promenades are also looking for musicians, and singers who want the chance to sing in the alleyways off King Street.

“We’re also looking for dancers who can jive, twist and shout their way along King Street,” said project director Robert Meadows.

“Perhaps you have some circus skills that you want to show off to the admiring crowds on the Friday or Saturday afternoon?”

Budding artists are also invited to set up and paint or draw for a couple of afternoons near the restaurants and cafes.

Let the Promenades know that you are coming to the special open mike evening at the Knutsford Heritage Centre on Wednesday 12 June at 6.30pm by emailing promenades@knutsfordtowncouncil.gov.uk or phone Robert on 07733 295 435 or 01606 551 453.

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