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Tatton Park is issuing a warning to all those who intend to pluck up the courage this half term holiday to visit the haunted old hall.

Halloween Hauntings at Tatton's Old Hall


For well over 10 years the team at Tatton with the help of some super natural assistants have been striking fear into Hallowe’en Old Hall visitors with some of the scariest, spookiest goings on in the region.

And if you’re looking for a spine-chilling setting there’s none better than the Old Hall which has received a 5 spook rating in the AA guide to ‘Haunted Britain’. The venue has also appeared in frightening and gruesome productions including Living TV’s Most Haunted and ITV 3’s Ladykillers.

It’s also the location of choice for fans of the paranormal who spend long dark nights looking for signs of out of the ordinary activity in this ancient tudor manor house.

Over the past few years over a dozen active ghosts have been encountered. It is widely believed that a former estate worker from the 1800s haunts the building’s Victorian parlour. Another spectral squatter has been ‘seen’ cleaning his gun with a faithful dog at his feet.  In the Great Hall several people have felt their hair being tugged and a cord or ribbon slowly tightening around their necks. Even the unerveable Old Hall co-ordinator Mick Ricketts was shocked to hear from one medium who visited the hall recently of a Flemish speaking female spirit or sprite who had come to guard four trees in the old hall grounds. These had only been planted the day before the medium’s visit and had originated from a WW1 cemetery in Flemish speaking Flanders. Something the medium did not know!

Enough inferred! Come along and witness something frightening for yourselves during Half Term Hauntings from Thursday, October 24 to Thursday, October 31 when you can meet our spirits and spectres. Some will scare, some won’t. Some are real, many aren’t – or can you tell?  Some are friendly (but not that many!)

Will you walk or will you tremble your way through the haunted house, especially spectrally dressed for Hallowe’en. Braver souls can get up close and personal and help solve the Horrible History Mystery. Skittish (mostly Tatton staff) and younger visitors will be able to calm their nerves by taking part in monstrous mask making, frightful face painting, story telling or by enjoying the children’s funfair.

Old Hall co-ordinator Mick Ricketts said: “As always, we recommend safety in numbers and dress ‘spooktacularly’ to try and scare off our spectres …. Some people may find the haunted hall ever so frighteningly but that’s half the fun …… Isn’t it??”.

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