The meeting focuses on the local impact of HS2 and how the impact of the next phase to connect the West Midlands with Crewe will affect the area. Esther is also meeting with Government and Mid Cheshire Rail Users Group to discuss opening local lines to improve transport in the area.


Following a poll carried out by the MP, it seems that the local community are more interested in improving rail connectivity between the east and west of England rather than North to South.

Improving rail connectivity between the east and west of the country seems more popular than a high speed rail line from the north to the south, according to a poll by the Tatton MP.

SheMs McVey said: “It was a fun poll but on a serious issue. Transport links in our area are not good enough, and more needs to be done to improve our services locally.

“I have secured a meeting with Government and the Mid Cheshire Rail Users Group to discuss this matter in more detail.

“Transport links are vital to the economy, but it is important to get the right lines in place and I wanted to gauge opinion on the big infrastructure projects that are going ahead.

“I know there is a lot of local opposition and concern about HS2, and I have conveyed this to Government and met with many concerned residents across the constituency.

“The results of this poll also reflect opinion when out speaking to people not just in the constituency but across the north west.

“People want a train service that links the north and they want it built as soon as possible. It should be part of both the Government transport strategy and industrial strategy.”

High Speed Rail 3, also called Northern Powerhouse Rail, will connect Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Hull and was approved by the Government last year.