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Drive by bins to be installed at the M6 Lymm services

By on September 19, 2017

Bins at window height are being installed at the M6 Lymm services next week in an attempt to help keep roads clean.

The installation is one of the first in the north west, with 24 more service stations earmarked to get the new height, bright orange bins in the coming weeks.

Designed so that drivers will not need to leave their vehicles, the bins are at window height with one version higher up for HGV’s.

A Highways England spokesman said: “An initial 10-week trial was held at Winchester service area on the M3 last year.

“The litter collected in the five weeks after the funnel bin installation versus the litter collected before showed a 25 per cent reduction in litter on the ground within the service area.

“The funnel bins make it easier for drivers to dispose of their litter responsibly without the need to get out of their vehicle.

“We are currently working with Moto Services to install funnel bins at service areas across the north west of England.

“The first four bins will be installed at Lymm Service area on the M6 next week.

“These are the larger funnel bins, for HGV use, as this service is used by a large number of HGVs.”

More than 40,000 sacks of litter were collected from motorways in the north west last year – an average of 108 sacks for every mile of motorway.

But Clean Up Britain founder John Read has reportedly hit out at the move describing the funnel bins as a ‘low-cost gimmick’.

He added getting people to throw their litter out of the car window was ‘exactly the behaviour they are trying to stop.’

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