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Man sentenced for 3 day rooftop protest at Cheshire home of Government minister

By on October 15, 2017

A man has been sentenced for staging a 57 hour roof top protest at the Cheshire home of Government Minister Edward Timpson.

Chester Magistrates Court heard that Eugene Lukjanenko, 60, a “Fathers for Justice” campaigner, staged the protest at the Tarporley home of Edward Timpson, 45, the current Minister for Vulnerable Children and Families. The protest began at around  9am on 6 May 2017 and Lukjanenko was eventually talked down by trained police negotiators around 6pm on Monday 8 May.

Lukjanenko pleaded not guilty to one charge of harassment and also denied a further charge that he refused to leave the property after he’d been given an order to do so by police. He was found guilty on both counts at an earlier trial.

Today he was given a jail term, suspended for two years, of 26 weeks for harassment and 4 weeks for knowingly contravening the directions of a police officer. He must also do  250 hours of unpaid work.

A three year restraining order was also imposed, stating Lukjanenko must not contact Edward Timpson either directly or indirectly, whether personally or by another or go within 500 metres of Mr Timpson’s home. He must also pay £620 costs and a £115 Victim Surcharge within 28 days.

On the morning that the protest began, Mr Timpson, who’s also the  former MP for Crewe and Nantwich, spotted Lukjanenko carrying ladders past a window at his large country house.

He went out to speak to him and noticed that  Lukjanenko was wearing a yellow T-shirt with a picture of a child on it and the words “adoption”.

Lukjanenko placed the ladders against a wall and started climbing them. He told Mr Timpson that he had mental health problems and kept repeating, “I want my son”.

Mr Timpson became increasingly concerned and rang the police. When they arrived,  15 more “Fathers for Justice” protestors had gathered on the drive of the house, wearing the same T-shirts and were filming events on their phones.

Mr Timpson removed his family from the house. Trained police negotiators remained in contact with Lukjanenko thorughout as he refused to come down until his son was returned to him. Eventually he came down when he was served with an order that stated if he didn’t, he’d  be arrested.

Kate Marchuk, Senior Crown Prosecutor with MerseyCheshire Crown Prosecution Service said:  “Lukjanenko had placards and banners on the roof and used a megaphone to issue his demands.

“He said he was unhappy with the arrangements for his son who was in foster care and that he was concerned about him.

“But instead of trying to deal with this through the normal channels,  he took the law into his own hands and caused considerable distress to Mr Timpson and his family.

“The Crown Prosecution Service prosecuted the defendant for his actions, as they amounted to harassment. Lukjanenko is now facing the consequences.”

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