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Weddings = Wardrobe rethink

By on June 15, 2009

A rainy April morning suddenly fills me with an unexpected urge to rethink my wardrobe. Cue -Postman, thud on the doormat … heavy white envelope padded with cream bulky card… ding-dong, yes it is another wedding invitation.

As one reaches their late twenties suddenly it becomes crammed with summer weddings and engagement parties.  Now, I love a good wedding with the best of them, but 5 weddings in one summer? that’s a heck of a lot of outfits…

Scenario One:
You bought the wedding outfit with fascinator about a month ago, it took ages to find, but you figured hey, Coast, Karen Millen or Monsoon they are almost screaming out of the windows: Buy your wedding outfit here” so you do. And you love it. You arrive at the church looking and feeling super pleased, you are wearing a fabulously chic Chloe inspired maxi dress and look utterly stunning.

As you walk the steps to the church where crowds gather you start to have minor palpitations as you slowly realise not one but two other guests wearing the exact same dress and shock horror, they are wearing it better than you.

Scenario Two:
You waltz your way to the church doors and can already hear the gasps of disapproval in hushed whispers…”How could she wear white to Lisa’s wedding?” Its not like you’ve actually worn a Vera Wang creation to rival the brides, but it always begs the question is it ok to wear white to a wedding? Answer; absolutely yes. There are varying different shades of white that are perfectly acceptable to wear to a wedding.

Lets face it, unless we are best friends with Marchesa or Alice Temperley, who can personally design an embellished concoction of pure and unadulterated gorgeousness, in which will turn us into the most chic guest in the room. Which, annoyingly most of us can’t.

It brings me to the conclusion that having always admired the way us Brits dress for the occasion, and yes sometimes we do get it wrong, but a wedding is such a beautiful day and if you’re invited it is generally because you are actually wanted there… So does it really matter?

My advice, wear the Monsoon or Karen Millen frock or the white Coast trouser suit, head for the champagne, flirt with the best man and dance the night away. After all there is nothing nicer than a good old British Summer Wedding.

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