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Happy Holidays….

By on July 2, 2009

I love the British Summer.  In the morning you see blue skies and sunshine so you don your summer dress, flip flops, sunglasses… you feel summery, ready for that after work mandatory pimms o’clock cocktail, then it reaches 3pm, the heavens open leaving you with a see-through dress, soggy flip flops and sweaty sunglasses.

What is a lady to do? Short of carrying your whole wardrobe to work, there is not an awful lot, apart from sporting our stiff upper lip and carrying on regardless. Or, beckon the butler and demand a PJ to Sardinia at once.

Whether you’re staying in this country or visiting foreign shores, the shops are practically fit to burst with shimmery dresses, floaty flirty skirts and dare or bare swimsuits and bikinis. I’ve often wondered how exactly one would tan in the latest trend for cut though swimsuits, they look absolutely stunning, but how is a lady to tan thus avoiding white lines in the most obscure places?

For example the swimsuit Cheryl Cole was pictured in this week – the petrol green embellished cut through the side swimsuit as beautiful as it is – would leave you with white marks in places you really wouldn’t want them…unless you adopt various yoga esq poses whilst sunbathing to gain maximum sun exposure a la Geri Halliwell … no, can’t see me doing that either.

I have performed a little research because Elizabeth Hurley Beach is so, well, last season, and as for high street do we really want to be the 123rd person on the beach wearing the usual black Next triangle tie-up…?

Brace yourself ladies, I have found the goddess of bikinis… bring forward, Melissa Odabash. This woman is a godsend. If you’d prefer something a little different to the offerings on the high street – she has it. From chic zebra print triangle tie-ups to full on Cheryl Cole style cut out swimsuits – Melissa Odabash has it all. Sshh, word with the fash pack, is this boutique is absolutely the place to buy your beachwear, everybody has been snapped there from Madonna to Victoria Beckham. For a little slice of fabulousness head to www.odabash.com or for those in the know sneak a peek at www.net-a-porter.com

Happy holidays.

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