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10 Expert Tips for a Successful Black Friday & Cyber Monday

By on May 30, 2022

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are growing each year. More and more brands are jumping onto the sales hype and offering bigger discounts to their customers than their competitors.
We’ve contacted Digital Media Team, an expert digital marketing agency based in Manchester, to get their top tips on how to tackle the shopping period in the best way possible.
Build An Email List
Your email list is one of the most important tools in your Black Friday and Cyber Monday armoury. Creating a designated email list for your Black Friday audience will segment certain customers and ensure you interact with those who care most about your sales.
Creating an email sign-up form a few weeks before you start your sales will make customers excited about your offers. You don’t necessarily need to include the sale information, but state the dates and that it is a Black Friday/Cyber Monday-specific thing.
Then, once your sales start, you can send emails to this audience and inform them of your discount. This will make the customer feel as though they’re receiving VIP treatment, especially if you phrase your email copy to include phrases like “exclusive deal just for you”.
Plan and Start Early
There’s nothing worse than a cluttered and hectic Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign. This is your chance to get into the eyes of millions and promote your products, so plan early and make sure you know what you’ll be doing.
Also, starting your promotion early ensures you’ll get the most out of the sales period. Your competitors may only be running ads that start the week before Black Friday, so if you’re promoting sales earlier, people may choose to shop with you and not even need to go elsewhere.
Joe at Digital Media Team says, “The later you leave it, the less chance you have to really put the details and efforts in. Customers really notice this!”
Create a Designated Landing Page
Having a designated Black Friday and Cyber Monday landing page allows you to keep everything in one convenient place. Having various deals spread across your website will just create unnecessary work for your customers.
Linking any ads or emails to the landing page will also make it easier for people to purchase. Getting the customer to the checkout process in as few steps as possible is important; if there are issues or lengthy processes, you’re just going to drive them away from your site and lose them as a customer.
Engage Your Social Media Audience
Social media is as important as ever during the Black Friday period. Enticing your followers with deals, promotions, and anything else will keep them updated on all the important parts of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategy.
Participating in TikTok trends, hosting live events, creating fun quizzes, and being regularly active can do wonders for your business and ultimately increase sales. Similarly, creating and using hashtags will push your content to a wider audience and potentially people who’ve never heard of you before.
Everyone hates the fear of missing out. It’s crucial to encourage customers to follow through with a purchase by making them believe that you only have one item left in stock.
If you’re likely to sell out, showcase it. If you’re running an exclusive, day-long sale, put that message front and centre. Create irresistible deals that make people want to purchase because if you’re not doing that, then what’s the point?
Offer Limited/Flash Discounts
Hosting flash sales that end a couple of hours after they start is a great incentive. If you’ve informed your customers that you’re hosting flash sales, they will eagerly await a discount on a product they want.
Limited-time/flash sales also encourage the idea of FOMO and entice the customer to purchase if they believe there’s not much time left on the offer.
Treat Your Customers
Offering free products with certain purchases can seriously encourage people to shop with you. Gifts don’t have to be massive or expensive; maybe just something small and handy that shows the customer how much they’re valued.
Instead of a physical gift, coupons/extra discount codes could encourage the customer to shop. If you’re offering them an extra 15% off their next order, they may be likely to purchase from you if they know their next purchase will be even less.
Ollie at Digital Media Team says, “Treating your customers shows how much you care about them. You’re more likely to have repeat customers if they feel as though they’re valued and respected. Plus, customers are likely to tell their friends and family about your business if they’ve received a positive experience.”
Extend Your Sale
So many companies will be hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that end soon after the period is over. Letting your customers and social media followers know that your sale starts early and ends late will encourage them to shop with you.
Capitalise on the year’s biggest sale by hosting your discounts for as long as possible. Customers are always looking for the best deals, so ensure you’re bringing as many people into your brand for an extended period of time.
Create a Gift Guide
Unsurprisingly, with Christmas around the corner, a lot of people who shop your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will be buying for friends and family. This is the time when prices are at an all-time low, and you can get on top of your gift buying for a little bit less.
Creating a gift guide can allow customers to find certain products they may be searching for and get there quicker. Add them to your website and across your social channels to let everyone know what they can expect to buy from you.
Simplify the Checkout Experience
Why spend all that time and money to get people on-site and looking at your products if the checkout experience is a massive hassle? Adding the “quick buy” ability can ease customers through the purchase journey.
Getting rid of discount codes and purely using a sitewide discount will simplify the checkout process and allow customers to purchase without inputting a code. The amount of people who misspell a code is very high, so ensure this doesn’t happen to your customers.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are lucrative periods for every brand. Ensuring you’re ready for the rush by thoroughly preparing early is a must. Don’t go into this period blind and unsure of what you’re offering customers; instead, plan discounts, deals, codes, products and everything else to get ahead of your competitors.
Thanks for sharing the above tips, Digital Media Team!
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