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Short stay, long memories.

By on February 3, 2009

So it was one slovenly, sunday evening, I’d had my fix of feel-good, comfort tele (Antiques Roadshow and Larkrise), log fire ablaze, wine glass within easy reach so it was, with some apprehension, I decided to watch  A short stay in Switzerland. Inspired by Dr Anne Turner, who, in 2006, and widely reported in the press, elected to end her own life via assisted suicide, Frank McGuinness has written a sensitive and moving account of how this most appalling decision came about and why such an event still provokes many questions and fewer answers. 

The best reason to watch such a deeply depressing film was, of course, the riveting performance of Julie Walters ideally cast as the feisty Dr Turner.  Perhaps, predictably, another award winning part for the country’s favourite actress.  Superb supporting cast but did she really have to move into a bungalow? 

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