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Artist Emma Williams: a young painter in her prime.

By on August 25, 2009

Rooted in the Still Life tradition the work brings a contemporary vision to a grand old artistic tradition.  The work shines out strong, vibrant and glorious.

Though born in Knutsford in Cheshire where she continues to live and work, Williams like many of her contemporaries, is drawn to the artistic hothouse of Cornwall.  She has visited Cornwall every year since she was a baby and the sense of space and the clarity of light to be found there continues to inspire her. 

St Ives not only provides natural inspiration for the show, but also man-made, in the work of Bernard Leach and the Troika Pottery.  Vases, pots, cups and bowls from those two famous potteries run motif-like through the show and bring a visual cohesion to the exhibition.

In time honoured fashion, Williams is willing to suffer for her art.  A recent commission has found her working flat on her stomach on a frame suspended over a huge canvas, too large to hang on the wall of her studio.

While the solo show might not contain paintings on that scale, work does range from 8 to 48 inches square and prices from £295 to £2800. Demand for her very affordable work is steadily increasing and Emma Williams is now one of the most sought after young painters working in Britain and we are absolutely delighted to be holding her first London solo show. 

The exhibition runs from 23rd September to the 3rd October at The Lennox Gallery 77 Moore Park Road Fulham London SW6 2HH. For more information please telephone 020 7408 0026  Email  or visit

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