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Hitler Killed My Canary.

By on February 23, 2010

Is a dark musical comedy about fathers, tea and war and is an extraordinary mix of the humour of 1940’s Britain and the tragedy of the world’s most bitter conflict.

The play revolves around the mistaken and pointless killing of a German girl on the last day of WW2.

The British soldier responsible imagines himself back home in a bombed out British city where his father’s obsession with Music Hall turns every tragedy into dark farce. In this nightmare world the dead German comes to life and weaves in and out of the story, gradually taking the place of the soldier’s fiancée, who has run off with a GI.

‘An effortless blend of absurdist comedy and legendary comedy routines’ – The Guardian

Written by Paul Stebbings and Phil Smith, with a stunning a cappella score by Paul Flush, Hitler Killed My Canary is brought to Knutsford Little Theatre by Warrington-based Broken Cloud Theatre Company.

The play has toured throughout the world with TNT Theatre, who have given kind permission to local actor (and TNT vet’) Johnny Kindersley to tour the show with his company, Broken Cloud.

Hitler Killed My Canary will be at Knutsford Little Theatre on 30th March at 8.00pm. Tickets are £7, £6 for students and can be reserved through the Broken Cloud ticket line on 07913 604 295. For more details, visit www.brokencloudtheatrecompany.co.uk.

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