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Life Begins at Seventy

By on April 16, 2010

Life Begins at Seventy is the title and the optimistic premise of the latest play at Knutsford Little Theatre.

Written this time by the theatre’s very own “writer in residence”, David Muncaster, whose plays have won awards both in Britain and overseas. Anyone approaching or beyond the “big O” will easily identify with the four main characters, but the play also serves as a reminder for the younger generation that whilst some folks may be over a certain age, they are not automatically “over the hill” and that the dating games of the young, at the vegetable rack at the local supermarket, are also open to the oldies by the suet counter at ASDA!

These truths are reliably demonstrated by a suitably mature and very experienced cast. John Smith sparkles as old roué Bill, and Graham Browne is the perfect foil as his less flamboyant friend, Tom. These two regular “old hands” at KLT do a fine job portraying “apparently” typical old codgers who usually can be found in the pub, putting the world (or at least the local library) to rights over their game of dominoes, whilst struggling with dreaded modern technology in the guise of the mobile phone and that fiendish application: texting.

Two more familiar KLT faces, Betty Darbyshire and Jill Freeman expertly play widows, Betty and Dot, the female counterparts of the two men. Their meeting place of choice is the local café where they are served by a waitress ably portrayed by Chris Race. 60 years of friendship sit easily with the two older women until Betty reveals she has “met someone”. Secrets of the past begin to emerge and strains in their hitherto good natured relationship begin to appear as the action unfolds.

What went on years ago behind closed doors? Is each character the person he or she appears to be? Guilty confessions and darker undertones surface amongst the “laugh out loud” one-liners. All eventually will be explained as the gentle twist, if not sting, in the tail is revealed.

David Muncaster captures beautifully the differences in the attitudes of men and women towards life and love, and has shown remarkable insight into the mind and guile of the average female!

The evocative set, as always, meets the high standards we have come to expect of this theatre: the pub which has seen better days and the cosy but quaintly old fashioned café. In the capable hands of director, Ali Hulford, this uplifting and gentle comedy shows us that romance is definitely not just within the province of the young.

Life Begins at Seventy runs from April 21st – 24th and tickets may be obtained by calling 01565 873515

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