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Books: 'Brooklyn' by Colm Toibin

By on May 24, 2009

Thus when a job is offered in America, it is clear to everyone that she must go. Leaving her family and country, Eilis heads for unfamiliar Brooklyn, and to a crowded boarding house where the landlady’s intense scrutiny and the small jealousies of her fellow residents only deepen her isolation.

Slowly however, the pain of parting is buried beneath the rhythms of her new life….working in a large department store, attending Brooklyn College and dancing at the local parish hall….Eilis falls in love and comes to realise she has found a sort of happiness. News from Ireland forces her back, not to the constrictions of her old life, but to new possibilities which conflict deeply with the life she has left behind in Brooklyn.

A fabulously tender story, one of departure and return, of great love and loss, and of the terrible choice between personal freedom and familial duty. Featured on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Book at Bedtime’, this gentle new book is impossible to read without being moved, touched and finally changed.

Click here to buy this online at waterstones – £10.79 – List price: £17.99 – You save: £7.20

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