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Guilt free chocolate from the Artisans

By on November 30, 2010

The Artisan Meat Company has started stocking a fantastic new ethical chocolate made by Cheshire Chocolatier, Lee Molloy-Sherratt, under the Pure Origin banner.

The range goes from white chocolate made from 31% Dominican Republic cacao through milk chocolate made from 44% Grenada cacao and dark chocolate made from 70% Madagascar cacao, the worlds finest beans, to our darkest chocolate made from 85% Columbian Cacao.

Paul from Artisan said ’What struck me first, is Lee’s passion for his art, very quickly followed the delicious variety of tastes each of the chocolate treats heaped upon my taste buds.

Lee went through each individual chocolate and described it like a fine wine or malt whiskey.’’ Sounds like serious chocolate for serious chocoholics.

Lee is holding a chocolate tasting session at The Artisan Meat Company in Mottram St Andrew on Saturday 11th December from 3 o’clock.

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