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Foodies Festival Tatton Park 2017: When is it, what’s on, how much does it cost and more

By on July 4, 2017

The Foodies Festival is the biggest food festival in the UK and its return in July 2017 has come with more than any other such festival has ever offered. This is one of the events you feel obligated to attend due to the rich array of goodies you are going to enjoy and not to mention that it presents a perfect opportunity to create new connections and friends, and for those who are yet to bring joy into their lives, well, you could be as well on your way to embracing a person you could blend with for a lifetime.

Back to serious details. The festival is slated to begin on 14th July, 2017 and will continue until the 16th day of July. For those wondering what this event will bring in 2017, there are numerous things that will happen different and probably you could also enjoy the flair of entertainment that is being promised that will blow your mind. If you are an enthusiast of baking and are looking to learn something new or to perfect your skills, you could embrace this opportunity that will give you a chance to watch live the Great British Candice Brown winner, who will show up at the Cake & Desserts Theatre.

Additionally, you will get to meet with Rosemary Shrager, a cooking expert who will also be showcasing her recipes at the Stoves Chefs Theatre. Basically, this is an event that will be graced by winners of various awards and you should embrace it to also learn a trick or two that could shape your culinary skills, and if you have always wanted to turn cooking to your career, then the opportunity you have to get some advice from these experts will be priceless.

Pets allowed
You might be wondering whether it will be ideal to tag your dog along to this awesome event and the good news is that it is allowed and free. This is a fun day and tagging your pet along could heighten the experience, so you should try this as well.

Drinks theatre
There will be different theatres at the event including the Drinks Theatre, Chef’s Theatre and Cakes & Desserts Theatre, and all these will be showcasing new ways of doing things as well as offering awesome fun moments. You are allowed free entry into any of these theatres to learn what you want and you could also request to showcase your ideas and skills to guests. In the spirit of keeping the event interesting, different guests will be called to try their styles and ideas and this is to also allow them to learn from experts present. Maybe if you are into beer you will have to put a limit to your drinking, otherwise you will sadly miss the rest of the event, thanks to intoxication beyond your limits.

Healthy living
If you thought it’s just about flipping burgers and getting yourself full, then it could be fair if you also spent some time at the healthy living section. This is where you will get all ideas about cooking that is meant to offer you important nutrients and it will come as a great chance for you to acquire vital information about choosing which types of foods to prioritize. The Foodies Festival to be held at Tatton Park has invited some of the leading expert nutritionists who will give information about healthy living and you should not miss this section for the priceless information that you could use to transform your health.

Kid’s cookery school
Do you have kids that are so eager to roam around with you? If yes, don’t deny them a chance to also experience the great moments that will come with the Foodies Festival. In fact, you could go about your other business as they also get entertained at their cookery school. Basically, this is a space reserved for kids to also help them learn about cooking. Here is where some science will be infused into their thinking process so they can understand how different elements contribute to preparing tasty meals.

The event is meant to also prepare the next generation of chefs and probably you could have your kid try it out to see if that’s what works for him/her. Don’t be worried a lot about the safety of your kids as this is one of the most important things the festival is working on. There will be people to inspect all processes and experts to guide them through the learning process, so at no point will these kids be doing things that could put their lives in danger.

Live music stage
You are now full and wondering what should follow after walking into all the theatres and tents. Don’t panic as you always have an option while at the event. The live music stage will feature music from celebrities you have always dreamt about meeting. The music stage will offer a mixture of live performances as well as collaborations that will help light the stage up and looking at the entire event, it seems the venue will be crowned with activity and fun.

As you might remember, it’s stated above that the festival will be open for three days and each of these days will have different types of events, or continued exploration of the type of events experienced the previous day. Therefore, to experience maximum enjoyment you are advised to show up in all the three days.

The VIP experience
Having fun doesn’t end there yet, there is more if you are the type that is thrilled by exciting moments. At the VIP luxury tent, you will get a calming yet soothing experience with the well-arranged venue and the smooth progression of events. This is where you will get a chance to relax and have some peaceful moments after blowing part of the day partying in the different tents and sections at the venue. And this is also the perfect spot where you will get valuable contacts and meet high profile celebrities. Find out more here:

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