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Beer and Food matching comes to Foodies Festival Tatton Park

By on July 6, 2017

Following on from our Foodies Festival preview earlier in the week, we’ve got a little more news about the event, with information of beer and food matching.

There’s never been a better time to enjoy beer. In Britain alone there are over 2000 breweries producing more than 12,000 different beers and over 140 different styles. This resurgence in beer is being driven by innovative breweries of all shapes and sizes using the best natural ingredients to produce beers of unrivalled quality and goodness that are exported all over the world.

With such an amazing array of beers to choose from where do you start? That’s where There’s A Beer For That comes in, a campaign that encourages people to think differently about beer by focusing on the quality, versatility and diversity of Britain’s national drink. And nothing illustrates the versatility and diversity of beer better than when it’s paired with food.

Beer is a perfect partner for food because of its diversity of aroma, flavour, texture and body. With far more flavours than those in wine the nimbleness of beer ensures that there’s no food that’s out of bounds. Flavours vary from beer to beer and include everything from light citrus to dark chocolate and everything else in between.

There are no hard and fast rules about beer and food matching but it does help to have a few guidelines to work from. We like to use the “Three C’s” principle

· Cuts – beers that cut through the flavour or body of the food through their carbonation or their bitterness
· Contrasts – beers with flavours that offer a complete contrast to the food. Think sweet contrasting with saltiness or tempering and soothing hot spices
· Complements – beers with flavours that complement similar flavours in the food, delivering the perfect match

A mix of hops, water, yeast and roasted barley, beer is fascinating, diverse and — most importantly delicious. It can be cold, gold and extremely refreshing or it can be dark, complex and challenging. It can be spicy, elegant and just the thing to go with excellent food, or it can be gently satisfying, the perfect accompaniment to time spent with friends.

For more information visit There’s A Beer For That at the Foodies Festival at Tatton Park, Knutsford from 14th 16th July. And if you can’t make it, follow us on social media (beerforthat) or get more information at We’ve even got a wonderful online tool that lets you enter your favourite dish and get a perfect beer pairing by return at the click of a button – search online for Beer Match.

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