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Regional talent alive in Knutsford

By on April 15, 2009

The Elton John supporter, O2 midnight celebration playing allround musical and creative local talent, David Boardman, regularly shoulders a varied selection of raw and unheard of musicians. They travel from across the region to peddle their musical wares in the slightly dingy if not eccentric old school boozer style surroundings of the Lord Eldon.

On Thursday the place was on fire as rising star, and potential Lily Allen toppler, Emm Louise opened up her songbook to a completely unsuspecting audience. I have been a regular in the Eldon, either playing harmonica or found slumped in a chair at the back of the room, but on this occasion my attendance was rewarded with Emm’s voice and songwriting skills. For the first time ever the room silenced as the Winsford girl played into her first track, panning across the room I could see people looking at each other in a wordless appreciation of the Cheshire teen.

openmicslither_610749032.jpgI stood there with the Wincle Beer festival maestro and Chorlton muso powerhouse Dom Veron, who agreed that she was pretty amazing and a pleasure to listen to. Perhaps the Lily Allen likeness doesn’t do Emm justice, lets face it, Emm is different, she is not like all muso’s that might sound like someone else. I suppose her folky pop street level sound blended with the natural feeling of innocence is down to the fact that she is an individual and that Emm, by default, would probably hate to be “Likened” to other bands and artists.

The digitally challenged (only three fingers on left hand) Chorltonian Dom Veron was as entertaining as ever with a combination comedic segways and his inspirational, alternative blues/country. He opened with a new track “Breakdown Blues” featuring a bewitching whistle overlay that lived with me for about three days. Dom has been on a rocky road recently with a difficult record contract that according to Veron had been a “four year long nightmare”. Dom blames him self for signing the contract but he’s now back out of the darkness with some outstanding new and reworked tracks. although sadly, he turned down my request to play “Doves”, the very track that pricked up my ears and got us both texting each other. KT will be interviewing Dom later in the month.

Open mic does have its regulars such as U.S new comer and pink guitar hero Phil X bringing an acoustic prog-grunge flavour to the musical table. Although his style does not connect securely with everyone, his phrasing is pretty unique and I found myself strumming out a few of his partially discordant yet addictive chord changes.

It’s worth keeping an eye on Open Mic Night and supporting the upcoming talent. Its not easy getting up there for the first time in front of an audience and making those first steps so they all need help and applause at the end of each set. Pop down the the Lord Eldon on Thursdays from about 9pm onwards and go with an open mind!

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